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Thursday, March 14, 2002
Bush's recent pronouncements on the "unhelpfullness" of Israeli responses to the recent suicide bomber campaign have made me deeply suspicious of the Administration. The blatant hypocisy of admonishing Israelis for retaliating against large scale attacks against civilians is truly breathtaking. They cannot see the parrallel between pro-actively dealing with suicide bombers that target civilians and suicide hijackers that target civilians? They can see it, but are unwilling to call it what it is? It makes me suspicious because people that can publicly mouth such hypocrisy cannot be trusted to act in a morally comprehensible manner, at home or abroad. American values and actions are good for everyone, not just Americans, right? I am handicapped by the need to act in a consistent manner; I expect the same from leaders leading a war based on stamping out [immoral] terrorism.

I am afraid for the Israelis, a lone spot of democracy and modenity in a sea of despotism, backwardness and religious depravity. I want to Middle East to be modern and prosperous. The way to achieve that is to make the surrounding countries more like Israel, not shrink Israel into an indefensible pariah state, forever on the verge of extermination.

I am afraid for myself and the American people, as our leaders sell out our friends and coddle our enemies (Palestinians, Egypt, Saudi Arabia) while subjecting us to further intrusions and curtailments of openness and freedom in the name of fighting terrorism and drugs.

Thursday, March 07, 2002
Since everyone and their brother has weighed in on the now infamous Ted Rall cartoon dissing the WTC and Daniel Pearl widows, I shall as well. I agree with the sentiments of the cartoon. The overwhelming need to "share their grief" and maximize their compensation is stripping all dignity from the injured parties and the grieving process. I am surprised it hasn't come out before, especially after hearing the venom flowing at the WTC settlement meetings, but I guess someone had to say it first. I like Ted Rall. I wouldn't like to hang out with him or anything, because he appears to be a pathetic, anti-social killjoy, pissed at the 99% of the world that can't see see the infinite shades of gray and intertwining world narratives that he can. He has a keen eye for the hypocrisy in our lives and the duplicity of great and small, from the President to the denizens of the Asian -istans of his travels. His greatest weakness is that he is incapable from learning from anything his sees or does. When he sees or experiences something that doesn't fit, it doesn't exist. It would be fun to see him develop over time, because I appreciate his observations, ugly as they may be, but there is just never any change.

Monday, February 25, 2002
WP link that I based the previous article on is here. Darn learning curve.

The shooting in North Carolina of a pair of Special Forces soldiers by a local deputy has my bullshit detector clicking. These men are out on a training exercise (in plainclothes) and are pulled over by a cop. They attempt to disarm the deputy, but he shoots one of them dead and wounds the other. The story is that they thought the officer was part of the excercise; there was some kind of communcation failure to warn the local cops.

Is it common for Special Forces to train for confronting and overpowering civilian law enforcement?

I am just a suspicious sort, I guess. I don't think a couple of highly-trained Special Forces soldiers would try and strong-arm a yokel cop. At least, I wouldn't be suspicious of that if those Special Forces guys weren't apparently learning to do just that in the official curriculum.

Since I have been slacking, I will try and pick it up here. Welcome to me. Thanks to Glenn Reynolds, Matt Welch, James Lileks, Ian Murray and the crew at Samizdata for inspiration.

Monday, December 03, 2001
It's 11:37 so I will leave the first post until tomorrow. Good night.